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Our highly trained agents at A.R.S. Investigation can help with any investigation and security services you wish us to undertake. We operate a fully discreet, professional service, and work closely with each of our clients to gain a full understanding of their needs and the sensitive nature of their specific situation. Your requirements and outcome will always be treated as high priority and  will remain completely confidential.


You can call us and discuss matters that concerns you discreetly or send us your inquiry from our contact form.

Service Details

Service Details


Background check

Criminal Background Check
Tenant Background Check
Employment Background Check
Pre Employment Background Check
Employee Background Check

Bug sweeping

In today's highly competitive market, foreign states, competitors, criminals Even disgruntled employees will go to any length to retrieve information about your organisation. Many forward companies are now taking proactive measures to prevent their valuable intellectual property slipping into the hands of competitors and are having their premises swept for bugs on a regular basis.


Security risk assessment and review

To ensure you receive the best possible outcome at a fair price we take the time to carefully plan each investigation based on your stated goals.

Gathering of information for litigation purposes

Legal strategy becomes crucial.  Investigation can make or break a case. Information uncovered during the course of investigation can arm the lawyer with the evidence necessary to gain the desired advantage in any legal proceeding.


Genuine 24/7 services

We are here to serve and to protect others 24/7 and Seven days a week if need to.

Insurance Claims

A.R.S. Investigation Knows the growing occurrence of benefit fraud in its many forms - commercial organisations need to ensure they gather evidence that can be used to uncover rorters. Evidence must be collected discretely, confidentially and within the law. The evidence needs to be presented in a form that can be used within the legal system if necessary.


Infidelity is breaking a promise to remain faithful to a sexual partner. That promise can take many forms, from marriage vows sanctified by the state to privately uttered verbal agreements between lovers. Evidence of a cheating partner was required under those old Acts and our industry was the only body able to provide this evidence. These days, it is no longer a requirement under the Family Law Act to prove that you have a cheating partner to gain a divorce . However, many other issues become important to those embroiled in cheating partner matters: it could be that peace of mind is needed in relation to whether you have a cheating partner or otherwise, proof of guilt for family and religious reasons or just so you can make informed decisions to and demonstrate proof of infidelity to these other persons in order to enable you to move on in your personal and religious life.

Filing legal documents in all courts and tribunals

Filling traditionally has been performed by visiting a clerk at filing window,paying a fee by cash,check,or credit card and submitting the documents to be file in duplicate or even triplicate,next the court clerk then stamps the both copies that indicates the name of the court and the date the documents was filed, they keep one copy and gives you a second copy for you records.

Loss prevention

In Australia shoplifters stole around $1.09 billion from retailers during 2013/14 financial year. Since retail loss prevention is geared towards the elimination of preventable loss and the bulk of preventable loss in retail is caused by deliberate human activity, traditional approaches to retail loss prevention have been through visible security measures matched with technology such as CCTV and electronic sensor barriers. At A.R.S Investigation we take this approach by having our own loss prevention team. we take this matters very seriously to protect others.

Certified First Aid

The ability to provide first aid and pre hospital care couple with security and driving personnel can literally be the difference between life and death . At A.R.S Investigation and security services we take the medical field very seriously and we make sure that everyone in our team are certified.

Private investigation

when you need proof beyond doubt you can rely on ( A. R. S. Investigation ) experience and government licensed. In the current economic we are seeing an increasing number of High financial disputes whether is through problematic business, Business with a partner disputes, Divorce, Infidelity ect. You can rely on us…

Private Protective Escort

As Australian owned and operated, highly trained and well equipped executive protection agency, we assure the security of our clients at home or abroad.

Process of all legal documents Service

The principal job is to deliver or “Serve” legal documents to a defendant or person involved in a court case, after serving any legal documents,process servers have to deliver actual evidence that the legal papers were serve. The verification is called AFFIDAVIT of service.


The agent typically works to observe the subjects or subjects while remaining undetectable himself

Surveillance log (include still images and videos)

Documenting those observation for future use through detailed written report, or a variety of technologies including video,still photography. and Gps tracking.